Best Warrior Foosball Tables to Buy for your Home [Review]

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Warrior Foosball Tables

Foosball or table soccer as some may call it is something that moved from being a game you played at the local club for fun with your friends, into a game that is being taken really seriously by pro players to the point of world cup games being held foosball players with teams from all over the world.

Now the players have the chance to play on the best foosball table ever made, namely the warrior foosball table.

Warrior produces a number of professional and modern foosball tables along with extra equipment and accessories for foosball playing. It makes sure you have everything you need when playing whether you are a professional or you just want to challenge your friends and see who is better at this great game.

Warrior Foosball Tables

All tables and equipment is made from the best materials, ensuring that you get the best experience every time you challenge someone in this funny, indoor game.

Types of Warrior Foosball Tables

  1.   4 Player Warrior Foosball Tables

Warrior produces the classical foosball table that we all know and love. Their professional foosball table is made of superb materials for four players, two on each side, and with classic green grass and a team of red players and a team of blue players on the field. You can count the score behind each goal, and this is the classic and everlasting version of this game.

  1. 4 Player Warrior Foosball Tables with LED

You can get the classic version with LED lights as well. This version makes you light up the playfield however you like, and the table has great build-in security making this table guarded for players of all ages. It goes without saying that the quality is the same high one as every other product they make.

 3. 8 – Player Foosball Table

There is another option of the warrior foosball table – you can go all-in a get their exclusive 8-player version of this great game. Now it becomes a 4 on 4 instead of 2 on 2 and that only doubles the fun. The security and playability is still the same only the size has changed. You can if you want to move the large table split it in the middle and it will be much easier to move around or take with you if you are planning to move.

Features in a Warrior Foosball Table

Warrior tables are known to be player friendly. That makes the experience of playing all the better for all who is around the table at all times. Also you can get versions with LED lights that lighten up the playfield as you see fit.

Warrior has also developed a security system with their rods making sure nothing can go wrong when you are playing. Security is always important and Warrior takes great pride in this.

The tables are made from sturdy materials that will not fall over when it is being used to play, it is something that is necessary if you want to be able to shoot hard, and maybe bump the table in your eager to win the game. But most of all is that quality shows. It is a table that is very easy to use no matter your age and it will not wear even if you use it a lot.

 What to Consider When Buying Warriors Foosball Table

You should be aware that a prime foosball table as the ones Warrior produces does not come cheap. There are a lot of tables out there you can purchase for half the price. But you have to consider if it is worth it.

With the steeper price you do get more value for money, not just when it comes to quality and durability, but also when it comes to security. Warrior only produces tables with their own and unique rod guard that ensures you cannot hurt yourself when playing. It is Great for children, but also for grown-ups who gets carried away when playing.

You also have to consider if you are going to use the table as much as you think, it is not a cheap investment and if you are not going to use it a lot you might be better off with a cheaper table.

Warriors Foosball Table Summary

When you summarize the product and look at benefits, pros, cons. Also looking at the brand and other things you know that you are looking at quality products.

You will when you buy and play on a warrior foosball table feel you are playing on quality tables, they are sturdy, well build and has features you do not see in other tables. They are manufactured and created by pro players, making sure you get the best.

When you are thinking of buying warrior foosball tables you are also have to consider price vs. hours using it. But if you are going to use it a lot then it is a perfect buy with added safety features and a quality you will find in no other tables on the market.

When you are playing on your warrior foosball table, you will really feel the quality and the many hours spend trying to give you a foosball table that is built to give many hours of fun. Every feature is built and crafted to make sure you can spend hours without destroying the tables.

They are built to be used for hours without end and not lose their great appeal on children and grownups alike. The only thing that is speaking against buying this high quality table is that it will set you back quite a pretty penny, it does not come cheap, and you will have to dig deep to buy it, but if you really love foosball then it is a good buy for money.

Final Verdict – Likes and Dislikes about the Warrior Foosball Table

Looking at reviews you will see those warrior foosball tables are the highest rated ones on Amazon. All the users almost unanimously says that it is a great buy and you really get value for money when you buy a warrior foosball table and you will because of great quality of the tables they produce.

{A minor drawback this product has is that the back walls located near the goal is not functioning the way it should – it looks pretty dead. Another complaint is with the return ball tube – it does not function properly. Balls usually get stuck in them. It is even preferable to take them off and let the balls drop on the floor.}

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