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Tornado Foosball Table are made to suit both commercial and home use sport needs. The company most often favors a squared table leg design in both categories. Foosball tables in general can be expensive but the Tornado brand offers top quality for each of their models.

Tornado manufactures models such as the T3000 Platinum or T3000 Non coin operated table, for use in entertainment centers and bars. They carry a range of models for home use in a series named Worthington, Elite, Classic and Sport. The Sport model is the most affordable and we are looking at it here.

The Tornado Sport Foosball Table is a mid-range home use table, with the unique feature of height adjustable legs and a thick cabinet in a mahogany finish.   All models, including this one, are built heavy and square. The Tornado Sport will last a long time and hold up to seasoned players.

Buy Tornado Sport Foosball Table

Tornado Sport Foosball Table Specifications

  • 56 X 30 X 36 Inches ; 205 Pounds
  • Yellow And Black Players
  • Black Rubber Grip Handles
  • Chrome Finished, Hollow Steel Rods
  • Melamine Playing Field
  • Abacus Counter Scorers
  • Ball Return On Each End
  • Adjustable Height Legs
  • 1” Thick Cabinet In Mahogany Finish
  • Made In The U.S.A.

 Top Best Features of Tornado Sport Foosball Table

  1. Patented Rubber Bumper, Player And Ball.

The rubber bumper, player and ball are found on all Tornado tables, including the Sport. This patented technology creates a better playing experience. It allows for super-fast play and durability.

  1. Durable Construction

 Tornado is known as “The” brand to own in foosball indoor sport. The tables have interchangeable parts and you can buy a replacement part in future years. These are made available because owners keep their tables for years, needing only a part or two over decades of use.

  1. Height Adjustable Legs

 This is not the same as levelers. The legs come with small slips that can be inserted to raise the table as needed. Taller players can use the game or it can be downgraded in height for an all young player team.

Price Range of the Tornado Sport Foosball Table

The Sport comes in at approximately $1,000. Tornado is a well-known brand and this price is worth the investment. Advanced and beginners alike love Tornado brands and it is a high quality, long lasting table.

Reviews call this “The” table to own in foosball or table sports. Foosball is a tournament sport and amateurs are serious about the game. This table is continually interesting to play, and owners will use the table daily.

Tornado Sport Foosball Table

Reviews are overwhelmingly positive. We don’t think the price point is high, either. You’ll be getting a bar-quality table at an affordable home use price.

The Classic, Elite, and Worthington all step up in price from the Sport model. The Classic and Elite include counterweight players and spin leg levelers. The Worthington has a more refined finish and all three are slightly heavier than the Sport.

With the Sport at about $1,000 we feel it’s in a unique position to be the best table around for home use. The Tornado brand outsells other brands in this cost range. The Sport is an ideal model, giving one of the closest experiences to a tournament level table.

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What We Like About Tornado Sport Table

 Quality is the Sport’s most important feature and what we like the most. You are getting a table built to the same specs as a professional tournament sport. It is downgraded only slightly to make it more accessible for home use and reviews overwhelmingly give high ratings.

The downgrade is reflected in minor accessories like the counterweights and leg levelers. This makes the Sport the cheapest version in the Tornado line. It should be looked at as a professional table, simply made without coin operation and the size needed in a tournament.

Tornado Sport Table is heavy and sturdy, and is more than just functional because of the fine mahogany finish. Overwhelmingly, consumers choose the Tornado Sport when they are looking for a top line product. All models, including the Sport, will last for years, making it well worth the money.

We really can’t say enough about the quality of this table, especially compared to the price point. Consumers adore their tables with almost no negative reviews. Gameplay is smooth because of the top notch construction and one reviewer noted he felt as if he were a professional foosball player.

What we don’t like about Tornado Sport Table

The downside to this model is the non-counterweight players which some reviews were unhappy with. The counterweight means that the players can remain in a horizontal position and non-counterweight players drop towards the foot. This is by no means a problem for most game owners and is found in the next model up in the line.

This feature is for tournament players and used in competitive play. It allows the players to remain out of the way of the ball while the team activates other rods. It is not a technique used often though and we don’t see this as a negative in a home-use table.

Why You Should Buy Tornado Sport Foosball Table

The Tornado Sport is definitely a table we recommend. Consumers are thrilled with this model. The most important aspect of a foosball table is durability because it’s an active sport and the Tornado brand fulfills this.

On top of this, the Sport is attractive and manufactured to specs that match a bar-quality table. Tornado makes coin operated commercial tables so they know what they’re doing. The Sport is manufactured to the same high quality standards but remains cost-effective for home use.

There really isn’t a better group sport than foosball if you are looking for play that can be done in-house. There’s no need for a field or good weather to play with a family or neighbors. The Sport is a top of the line quality table produced by a trusted manufacturer and consumers love it.

Now have you decided, So go and buy it here

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