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Hathaway is a table manufacturer that sells a variety of recreational and sporting gaming equipment such as darts, air hockey, arcade, pool, and shuffleboard. Their products are of high quality and last for a very long time when well maintained.

Other Top Foosball Models From Hathaway

Hathaway currently makes three different foosball models and Primo is their top selling model that features more of a wood cabinet look. Crossfire and Playoff models are produced mainly for kids and teenagers.


Hathaway Primo Soccer Table

This foosball model is made from quality material. It is very stylish and comprises of a durable exterior tied together with a beautiful espresso finish. This item is very stable and gives the user a perfect platform to use.

Hathaway Crossfire

This model has a quality construction with eye-catching finish. It’s affordable and a user is guaranteed to have fun and excitement every time they use it. Due to materials used, its balls glide easily across the surface. It is a great gift to give your young ones.

Main Features of Hathaway Playoff soccer Table

  • Measures at 48’’ by 24’’ by 32’’
  • It is 40.5’’ L and 23’’ W
  • The 0.5’’ rods are made from stainless steel and have chrome plating
  • Its rods are fitted with rubber handles
  • Its ABS molded players are set in a 3-goalie configuration

Top 3 Best Features

Game Play Perfect for Children, Family and Beginners

This model is perfect for children or anyone playing a casual foosball game. This table is not full-sized, making it the perfect item for your young ones to play on.Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table

The best thing is its simplicity. This model has all essential parts required for a foosball table. It has fantastic speed for younger children. It is also very lightweight and easy to move around your house.

Compared to other foosball tables in same category, this product has a very even surface that is necessary when playing foosball. Other tables usually do not have leveled playfields, which interrupts how you play. Uneven area creates dead spots, which make a ball come to a standstill during playtime.


This model has tubular steel rods that are extremely strong and durable. Its chrome plating makes the rods not only glossy, but also better covered to prevent dust.

The handles are coated with rubber, which protects your kids hands at all times. You will not get blisters no matter how long you use your rods.

Its handles are not fully solid – this allows air to flow freely through them. This is a huge advantage during game time because airflow means your hands are kept cool at all times.

Hathaway Playoff’s ABS make of its players is also excellent as it makes players sturdy and damage resistant. When a player scores, the ball is returned back automatically, making it convenient to use – a player does not need to waste time feeling around inside for their ball.


This product can give your young ones lots of fun for many years to come. Hathaway’s MDF platform is exceptionally made and very even. Your ball will move about smoothly and with ease. You can rest assured that none of the players will get an unfair advantage.

Due to its smooth playing field, your kids will have access to fantastic speed, making it even more fun. Its rods turn with ease – they do not get stuck nor do they get loose over time. Your children will enjoy its overall performance.

This model is not among the heaviest. However, it’s quite strong and solid. You can expect your machine to stay firmly in place during game time.

It also resists strong impacts, thanks to its L-shaped legs that are thick and sturdy. They add profoundly to your table’s stability. You can depend on your model to provide countless fun for your young ones and their friends.

Your children will love those spectator graphics on the sides that will give them a very authentic feel of being on a football field.

Price of Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table

This item is priced at $ 135.95 plus free shipping. Seeing all above mentioned benefits and key features, it’s truly a steal. You cannot find another foosball product that will give you such value for your money.

From its high quality materials used to make its surface, rods, and players to its smooth and even playing field, there is no other model that can provide you such quality features.

What We Like About Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table

  • Attractive design – Has beautiful spectator and graphics
  • Fun to use – Due to its smooth, even surface and its strong rods, you can use it for hours without any discomfort or challenges
  • Portability – You can move this table from one place to another without much strain
  • Easy setup – Very easy to put together. Simply follow the instructions on your manual
  • Durability – It has a good design and a very solid construction.

What We Don’t Like About Hathaway Playoff Soccer Table

  • Does not have levelers so you have to ensure you place it on a flat surface. You need to select location of where to place your item carefully.
  • Not full sized

Review Summary

Most customers have expressed how durable their machine is and how much their kids love to use them for hours on end. However, there are some who wish it was a bit heavier because of shifting around during playtime. That is just a small setback when compared to all other raving reviews. It is pocket friendly, easy to set up, easy to move, and materials used are very durable.

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