Best Halex FoosBall Tables for your Money [Review and Rating]

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Halex FoosBall Tables : Foosball as a game is more than just something to bring the family together. It’s an interactive sport, which requires players to stand, move, and stay engaged physically. It’s great for hand-eye coordination and to get your heart pumping.

Halex FoosBall Tables

While it won’t stand in for a personal trainer, you will get physical exercise. This is particularly good for children who spend indoor or family time on a computer. Foosball is a team sport for two or four players.

The Halex game company manufactures a variety of Foosball tables. Foosball is a tournament sport and it has special dimensions and specs for tournament tables, while home use tables tend to run smaller. The Halex brand is made to specs for home use-ability.

That being said, having your own foosball table is a treat. It’s an interactive game and having a team sport in your own home or club room can get the whole family in on the fun. Halex manufactures a number of versions of the foosball table from sleek graphite to traditional looking wood.

Halex FoosBall Tables Types

The [easyazon_link identifier=”B00BG09PZO” locale=”US”]Halex brand foosball[/easyazon_link] table comes in several models and we are taking a look at four of them:

  1. Defender 58-inch Foosball Table Game
  2. Monterey Foosball Soccer Table
  3. Pillar Wood Foosball Table Game
  4. 56-inch Championship Foosball Table.

Item 50512: Defender 58-inch Foosball Table Review

  • 75 x 32 x 34.75”, 176 pounds.
  • Color: black with chrome and white trim and edging
  • Black and silver chrome players
  • Chrome hollow rods with black rubber grips
  • Playing field is green with white soccer markings.
  • Side ball return and scorer on each end.
  • Cup holders at each end

The Defender has a graphite finish and the rods are the traditional chrome plated hollow rods with black grips. Additionally, there is a nice, clean-looking playing field in green and white. It has a side ball return and comes with four balls.

Defender 58-inch Foosball Table Game

The legs are round and built with a large diameter for additional support. It also has leg levelers for keeping the playing field even. Scoring is done on an abacus style counter on each player’s side.

Buying Considerations

This is a well-liked table, sturdy, and built for adult players. It’s in the mid-range price for non-tournament tables. This item does not come per-assembled.

There was some indication it’s a time consuming process to put together. With any large game item, though, there will be differences in consumers’ ability. If you have confidence in your ability to follow manufacturer directions, this won’t be an issue in your buying consideration.

What we like in Defender 58-inch Foosball Table Game

The look is modern and well suited to a game room or break room. The leg levelers offer additional game consistency. The cup holder is a great add-on for keeping in the bar game theme.

You can buy [easyazon_link identifier=”B000WSUJA6″ locale=”US”]Halex Defender 58-inch Foosball Table from here[/easyazon_link]

What We Don’t Like:

The monochromatic color without a colored playing field is a little tame for home decor. The cup holders are an excellent add on but it takes space that could be used for a ball return, instead of having it built into the side. None of these detract from game play or using the table in a less traditional setting.

Item 50156: Monterey Foosball Soccer Table Review

  • Size: 57 ¼ x 31 x 34”, 178 pounds
  • Color: wood finish
  • Burgundy and ivory players
  • Chrome rods with wood grips
  • Oak veneer playing field
  • Side ball return and scorer at each end
  • Square table legs

The Monterey table is a foosball table with a wood finish, giving it a club-house look. The overall color of the table is a nice change, with weighted players in burgundy and ivory. The playing field is a wood veneer with a soccer field graphic in white.

Monterey Foosball Soccer Table

There are side ball returns and wood scorers for each player. The handles on this table are also wood, and the heavy oak legs are etched, adding to the overall traditional look. The finish is made of an oak veneer.

Buying Considerations

This is a slightly more expensive foosball table than the Defender. The square oak legs add to its sturdiness and the look is stellar. It’s versatile in look and you can use this in a man-cave, a family room or the library.

What We Like In Monterey Foosball Soccer Table

The overall beauty of the Monterey is its best selling point. The legs are carved and even the playing field is a wood veneer. The players are attractively colored and match the rest of the item’s look.

You can buy [easyazon_link identifier=”B000KX3IMO” locale=”US”]Monterey Foosball Soccer Table From here[/easyazon_link]

What We Don’t Like

Handles on the foosball table are normally rubber for a longer lasting grip. Be aware that one review suggests that the wooden handles might come loose sooner than rubber would. But it’s a necessary part of the overall décor and still works for game enthusiasts.

Item 50570: Pillar Wood Foosball Table Game Review

  • 5 x 36 x 35, 96 pounds
  • Color: wood finish
  • Blue and red colored players
  • Chrome rods with rubber grips
  • End ball return
  • Square column styled table legs

The Pillar Wood table is veneer with chrome trim and chrome rods. The players are brightly colored in red and blue and the scorers at each end are chrome colored abacus beads. The legs of this table are squared and etched, imitating columns which give a hefty feel to the table.

Pillar Wood Foosball Table Gam

Buying Considerations

The Pillar Wood is the next step up in price and is visually the least obtrusive of the game tables. Oddly, the Pillar Wood table is the lightest of the three, which impacts sturdiness. However, it is also a well-liked table, from online reviews so it is likely the squared legs offset the weight.

What we like in Pillar Wood Foosball Table Game

The Pillar Wood table comes with the usual 4 soccer balls and needs assembly. The manufacturer specs indicate it comes with an allen wrench, which is a thoughtful addition to assembly. This, too, is a well-liked table and is in the highest price point of the four models.

You can buy [easyazon_link identifier=”B000WSUJB0″ locale=”US”]Pillar Wood Foosball Table from here[/easyazon_link]

What We Don’t Like In Pillar Wood Foosball Table Game

The wood veneer has a retro look that may not work with all styles. It has a dated feel to it when contrasted with the chrome playing rods. If your overall look matches, the dated look will appear club-house style so this isn’t a huge buying issue.

Item 50545: 56” Championship Foosball Table Game Review

  • 56 x 30 x 36.5”, 166 pounds
  • Color: gray and black.
  • Players are silver and black
  • Chrome rods with rubber grips
  • Green playing field
  • Side ball return

The Championship table is a charcoal gray color with black trim. The style gives it the look of a table well suited for a lounge or game room. The legs are angled with a cross panel for support and the legs have levelers for balance adjustments.

56-inch Championship Foosball Table

The handles are hard plastic grip on hollow rods and the players are in contrasting silver and black teams. The inner side walls of the playing field are acrylic for better ball return. The field is grass green with soccer field markings in white.

Buying Considerations

The Championship comes with 4 soccer balls and needs to be put together. Like the Pillar, it’s a higher end model and the price is the top tier as well. The abacus scorer is chrome and sits on a crossbar over the goalie net.

What we like in Championship Foosball Table Game Review

A very cute adds on is the plastic goalie net at each player end. The design of the table is distinctly reminiscent of a real sport field. The abacus counters sit on a crossbar over the goalie net.

You can buy [easyazon_link identifier=”B000WSOGMS” locale=”US”]Championship Foosball Table here[/easyazon_link]

What We Don’t Like

There is not much in the negative about the table except for its extreme gaming look. It’s really suited for a man-cave type environment or a bar. If you are considering this with housemates who are concerned about matching décor, you’ll have to work up a theme for a game room.

Overall Halex FoosBall Tables Review and Rating

In general all four Halex tables are excellent choices for a home game table. All four are sturdy as they are all built for the adult player. The biggest decision maker among the three is likely going to be the visual aspect.

The Championship and Defender are black and have a graphic look. They are well suited to break rooms or areas of the home that have other games. They have a fun feel to them.

The Monterey and the Pillar Wood tables have the look that suits a library or den. Each has a distinct feel to the design. The wood veneer and etched trim on each give it a classy feel.

The price range for the tables is not extremely wide. However if you are looking to save money, selecting the Defender at the lowest price point, is a fine choice. There is not a significant amount of difference in each for the value.

Overall, when getting a game, you can’t do better than considering a foosball table. The activity is long term fun because the interaction is between players. Exercise is a real benefit from playing and the Halex brand is well known for table games.

All four tables are stellar choices for a home gaming system. They are higher end tables for a foosball player and will hold up to long term competition. Each is sturdy and each comes with well-built standards of sturdiness and game pieces.

The foosball table is really one of the best large gift items for your holiday giving or a special purchase. They will provide continuous fun and the variety of styles offered by Halex can fit many game rooms. Your only real consideration is going to be which one fits your style.

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  1. John Pavelchak

    January 5, 2017 at 3:12 pm

    I have an older HALEX football table which is still in fine working condition EXCEPT that I need a replacement player.
    I’m having a difficult time finding one and thought possibly you may have what I need.
    It is Red in color and measures a bit more than 4″ height. Also, the bar is 1/2″ diameter.
    Thank you for looking in to this for me.


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