3 Reason You Should Buy Tornado Sport Foosball Table for Family

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Tornado Sport Foosball Table is made by Tornado. This brand is well known within the foosball table community because of their high quality and genuine products. In fact, Tornado has been in the foosball business since 1982 and has sold more foosball tables than any other company or brand. Each table has unique features and you are sure to find one that is suitable for your home or business.

Tornado Sport Foosball buying Guide


Other Tornado Foosball Tables Available to Buy

  •  The Worthington: a home model that is sturdy and classy
  •  The Elite: a commercial quality model made for the home that comes in a variety of different colors
  •  The Classic: a home model that looks contemporary and has leather laminate
  •  The T3000, Coin Operated: a professional grade model that is coin operated and perfect for businesses
  •  The T3000, Non-Coin Operated: a professional grade model that is not coin operated and good for a business or home setting.

Product Features of Tornado’s Sport Foosball Table

  •  Built in the United States
  •  Precise ball control
  •  Smooth and accurate gameplay
  •  Rubber bumpers that create speed during gameplay
  •  Balls are returned after a goal is made
  •  Adjustable legs
  •  Black, plastic handles that improve grip
  •  Modern foosball men that allow for more accurate shots
  •  The traditional set-up with a goalie line made up of 3 men
  •  A gorgeous, Mahogany finish
  •  1 inch sidewalls
  •  56” by 30” by 36” table
  •  Weighs 205 pounds

Top 3 Best Features of Tornado Sport Foosball

  1.  Adjustable Legs: Having adjustable legs is one of the most important features of a foosball table. I love this feature because it allows me to lower the height of the foosball table when my children are playing, and raise it when my spouse and I are playing together. These adjustable legs let you purchase one foosball table for your family, rather than purchasing both an adult table and a children’s table.
  2. Heavy Weight: When you buy a foosball table that is too light you risk the table slipping and sliding during gameplay. This can scratch your floor, mess up your shots or even cause serious injury. This foosball table weighs a hefty 205 pounds, which makes it much less likely to slip and slide during gameplay.
  3. Modern Foosball Men: Modern foosball men are shaped quite a bit differently than traditional foosball men. Traditional men look more like actual men and have rounded “feet”, while the modern men have pointed feet and don’t look a whole like real men. While the traditional style may look cute, it has a negative effect on gameplay. The modern men allow for more accurate shots and they grip the ball better, making gameplay much less frustrating.

Price Range of Tornado Foosball

The Tornado Sport Foosball Table runs for around $1,099. This may seem like quite a bit for a foosball table, but it is in fact a very good price. This is one of the cheaper options from Tornado, which is a great brand. There are similar foosball tables selling for over $6,000.

This foosball table is well built and made in America. It is heavy duty, weighing in at 205 pounds, ensuring that there will be no slipping or sliding issues during gameplay. It is built to last and with proper maintenance will last you for many years.

This table is fairly easy to assemble on your own, saving you the money you would otherwise pay for a professional installation. It comes with an instruction manual and you can contact the Tornado brand directly for help if you need to.

When you buy this table from Tornado directly, they send you a free parts replacement package. This is great because you are then able to replace any part that happens to break or stop working correctly without having to fork out any extra money.

The adjustable legs on this table really make it worth the money. Like I mentioned before, this enables younger children to play foosball on this table with ease and it allows adults to have a higher table when desired.

Another reason that this table is worth the price is because of the brand. Tornado is the brand used in professional foosball communities, and so you can be sure that tables made by this brand are top quality and well worth the price.

Things I Liked About This Tornado Sport Foosball

The price is affordable and the table is high quality. The fact that it is made in the United States by an American company makes me love this product even more. I love that I was able to buy something fun for my family and help the American economy at the same time.
Tornado Sport Foosball

The balls that come with this table are fantastic! They are not slick like other foosballs and are easily gripped by the foosball men. They are high quality and do not get smashed or dented like other balls I have played with in the past.

The table is gorgeous. I love the finish and it looks great in my family game room. It is also a wonderful size; not too big or too small, this table is perfect.

The table was very easy to install once it arrived at my home. I was able to follow the instructions easily and got the table up and running in less than 2 hours.

Things I Don’t Like About This Tornado Sport Foosball

The only thing that I did not love about this table is that the foosball men are not counterweighted. This means that the feet sometimes fall into the downward position, stopping the ball at unfortunate times. However, my family and I caught onto this quickly and were able to work around it.

Conclusion Why Do you Need to Buy Tornado Sport Foosball

I am completely satisfied with my purchase and would recommend this table to anyone looking to buy a foosball table. I feel like the price is fantastic and I am sure this table will last my family a long time.

We use this table almost every single night, and with a family full of boys we tend to be pretty rough on it. However, it still looks brand new and we have not had any dents, scratches or broken pieces.

The only complaint that I have is, again, that the men are not counter weighted. I did find out, however, that you can purchase a new set of men that are counter weighted for just a few hundred more. My family and I got used to the men not being counter weighted, and after some practice we are now able to easily stop the men from falling into the feet down position.

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